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Sunday, June 04, 2017

TITLE: Author Event: Jack Maroney & James DiReda "The East Side of Addiction" AB
TIME: 12-2 pm
LOCATION: Meet & Greet/Table at Front of Store
DESCRIPTION: The East Side of Addiction tells the story of how drug addiction ravaged a working-class immigrant enclave in Worcester, Mass., and the close-knit group of young friends who lived there and how several of the lucky ones managed to survive. Raised on the East Side, Jack, Hank and Jim "JD" learned to idolize not the hardworking citizens of the neighborhood, but the thugs who ran gambling and loan operations for mobsters. Still, they might have escaped lives of crime but for one thing: addiction. In the late 1960s, drugs took the East Side by storm. There, drugs found a neighborhood weakened by the collapse of traditional culture and a group of young people struggling with America's cultural upheaval and the pain of adolescence. But even in these darkest moments, redemption was possible. The East Side friends began to once again reunite, a miracle happened. The strength of decades-long friendships created a recovery community that would help many others to escape the ravages of drugs. A story of addiction, recovery, the power of lifelong friendship and deep, abiding faith. The East Side of Addiction is the story of thousands of communities, and of millions of American families ravaged by addiction. Dr. DiReda holds a dual Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Work from Boston University, and a MSW from the University of Connecticut. He has authored books and articles on addiction, and is a professional speaker on addiction and recovery. He has over thirty years of direct clinical experience in the field of mental health and addictions counseling. He is a person in long-term recovery from addiction (31 years), and is co-author of The East Side of Addiction. He holds a full-time faculty position at Anna Maria College, and a clinical consulting private practice in West Boylston, Mass. Jack Maroney, holds a Master's of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA), is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC1). Jack is president and CEO of Creative Addiction Recovery Estates, a company dedicated to providing dignified environments of care to those suffering from substance use disorders. He was the visionary and founder of Spring Hill Recovery Center, a 70-acre campus in a bucolic hilltop setting and the Recovery Centers of America facility in Westminster, Mass. Jack is the treasurer for the Massachusetts Sober Housing Corporation, a sober housing provider and Mosaic Cultural Complex, a grass roots organization dedicated to eliminating disparities in health care among minorities. Jack was a co-founder of the Latin American Health Alliance, a non-profit organization aimed at addressing substance use among minorities.

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