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Saturday, April 21, 2018

TITLE: Author Event: Taylor Michaud "The Ring of Darkness" AB
TIME: 1-3 pm
LOCATION: Table at front of store/Event Room
DESCRIPTION: Nestled among the large, oak trees, known as Border Forest, is the small farming community, Oakhurst Village. Its people live in relative peace with the exception of an occasional problem with one of the indigenous animals to the forest. With the coming of Spring, come changes - villagers and folk traveling through start disappearing, and chaos seems to take hold of the land beneath the cover of darkness. Oakhurst Village was under siege from someone or something preying on its people. Captain Woodrow of the local militia orders a patrol to be sent out to investigate the happenings but even the twelve-man unit comes up missing. The dark enigma seems to dig its claws in deeper, until a group of fresh, young adventurers are hired by the captain: Calvin, the honor-bound knight; Faith, the young, upcoming mage; Devis, the mysterious, elven fighter; and Moric, the self-proclaimed "locksmith". Their mission: To uncover who or what is behind the disappearances. Is it a man-eating beast or something even more sinister and dark? T. R. Michaud, a local author, is an avid enthusiast of a good, realistic fantasy, dragons, and a great cup of coffee. At the age of twelve, he was first introduced to the role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. His devotion to fantasy would lead him down the path to eventually becoming a "DM" or "Dungeon Master." This allowed him to make up his own stories, characters, and bold adventures. Life would eventually happen, and the theft of T. R.'s gaming collection caused him to lose connection with storytelling. T. R. Michaud has since started a new chapter of his life as a writer, and trying his hand as an author. He brings a fresh group of adventurous companions on heroic quests in a whole new world within the pages of his first release, "The Ring of Darkness".

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