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Saturday, January 26, 2019

TITLE: Author Event: David Hanrahan AB "Down-Sized with Extreme Prejudice"; "A Deadly Recollection: Bullets From Brooklyn"; and "Sanctuary A Catalyst For Murder" AB
TIME: 1-3 pm
LOCATION: Meet & Greet/Event Room
DESCRIPTION: "(Hanrahan) excels at moving the perspective among an assortment of characters. A commendable procedural, with a superlative protagonist and supporting cast. Readers will surely keep their eyes out for a Coine sequel." -Kirkus Review "Down-Sized with Extreme Prejudice": Bradford Baxton, III is the CEO of Amalgamated Worldwide Enterprises. His ruthless acquisition policies earned him the title, "King of Downsizing." Baxton's corrupt corporate empire begins to crumble when his Chief Financial Officer is brutally murdered.What follows is a deadly downsizing campaign at Amalgamated leaving its top officers wondering who is next to be downsized. "A Deadly Recollection: Bullets From Brooklyn" : After a beloved local bookie is found dead at a crash site, a hitman turns up dead in a cemetery near a Boston courthouse and a lawyer goes under-ground to protect his own neck. It's not only a classic whodunit case, but why. Will Bill Coine's eye for detail be the catalyst which proves that, sometimes, the most obvious suspects aren't necessarily the ones that make the most sense? A prequel to Downsizing, Deadly Recollection is Coine's last case as a State cop. "Sanctuary A Catalyst For Murder" : Fairlane Township, nestled in the Berkshires, is fractured when it becomes a sanctuary town and its board of selectmen chairman is found hanged. Boston P.I., Bill Coine, faces personal danger as he tries to unravel a complex puzzle and save an innocent man.

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