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Sunday, May 20, 2018

TITLE: Author Event: Joseph W. Bebo "The Shot" AB
TIME: 1-3 pm
LOCATION: Meet & Greet/Table at front of store
DESCRIPTION: The Shot is based on the events that took place in and around Boston between April and June, 1775. It is not only full of action and adventure, but some thought-provoking ideas as well. Fictional characters interact with real historical figures, like Paul Revere and Dr. Joseph Warren, giving a compelling look at these great men as they might have been. While the tale told may not be what really occurred, it certainly could have happened this way. The Shot is a story of loss and discovery, glory and shame, as a boy comes of age and learns to deal with his anger and guilt, finding redemption in the crucible of battle, the greatest story that could never be told. "Sometimes great events are caused by small, insignificant acts, like a simple impulse, a coincidence here, a happenchance there. Liberty and freedom are high-sounding words, and rightly so, but sometimes they can spring from the unlikeliest of sources and the lowest of motives, like just plain spite. There are some things that even the best laid plan and most noble principles cannot control, and an unthinking action can sometimes reverberate around the world. It has been said that trivial things have led to wars. This is a story of such an event". - Joseph W. Bebo

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