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Sunday, September 23, 2018

TITLE: Author Event: Paula Sullivan "Simply Being Happy 93 Ways to Replace Worry with Peace and Create a Joyful Life" AB
TIME: 1-3 pm
LOCATION: Event Room/Meet & Greet
DESCRIPTION: What have you been waiting for that will finally make you happy? Is it a lottery ticket? A rich uncle? A huge, mysterious payoff? Let the waiting finally be over and discover that you already have what you truly want - happiness. It's there inside you, just waiting for you to access it. So what's the secret to finding it? Using your imagination. Paula Sullivan is an author and researcher, who has developed her own unique style of visualizations. She has been researching the subject of happiness for the past several years - from ancient teachings to modern scientific studies. Paula is also the founder of simplybeinghappy.com

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